8 Reasons Why TTI is the Best Assessment Provider

After achieving a degree in psychology, and then going through numerous leadership training programs, I became jaded towards assessments. Yes, I’ve taken DISC, Myers Briggs, Strength Finders, SDI, etc… I have even taken a 3 hour assessment that measures 27 dimensions of intellectual development and was designed to screen for successful fighter pilots in the 1950’s. Whatever.

But after being introduced to TTI Success Insights, and now working with them for over a year, I find I am continually being impressed by their intricate levels of genius. Here are a few reasons why:

1) The Target Model
I love the following graphic. It makes all the difference in the world to start any approach to assessments by assessing what they actually can and cannot give you insight into. This picture gives context to the limitations of what each science is actually studying, and those limitations end up delivering far more precise insights.


2) Validity
Insight is only as good as how accurate it is. A twenty dollar assessment will give you twenty dollar results. TTI has built their tool kit on the axiom of accuracy and reliability. Don’t believe me? Read for yourself here.

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3) Strength of a 5-fold cord (5 sciences)
They say a cord of three strands is not easily broken. Well what about a cord of five strands then? As evidenced by the target model above, TTI has value for each intricate layer of what makes you unique. They have five basic sciences within the Science of Self: Behavior, Driving Forces, Competencies, Acumen, and Emotional Intelligence. Each one holds the power to be life transforming, and together I believe they carry more potential than most 4-year university degrees. (I make that last statement from personal experience.)

4) The DISC Difference
When it comes to DISC, there are two main attitudes among assessment providers.

The first group has decided that the DISC language is antiquated, and they have ventured onward to introduce a new, fresh, poppy behavior-esque assessment tool into the market. I liken this to the notion that the shape of the wheel is antiquated, and ought to be square, or hexagonal. DISC is a language built on solid science, and when it is used with excellence, you will see powerful results.

That brings me to the second group. These are the myriad of DISC assessment providers across the nation who are delivering DISC theory and assessments with varying degrees of quality. Don’t be duped – for the most part, you get what you pay for.

I can’t speak to every DISC provider out there, but I can tell you what TTI does that makes them remarkable.

  • They score all 4 statements. You know when you take the survey, and you rank the 4 statements about yourself? Many assessments will only score the one you choose as top towards your final DISC report. Most good DISC assessments will score both the top statement, and the bottom statement towards your final report. TTI is the only DICS provider to score all four statements, and in doing this they ensure the most reliable and insightful ranking on your report.
  • TTI looks at both sides of the graph. Not only do they address what it looks like to be high in a certain dimension, they also look at what it means to be low in a certain dimension as well. And not just in using a contrapositive language – it actually lends to a remarkable portrayal of each individual’s behavioral style.
  • There are 16 main behavior style types, and most people fall into one of these categories. But not everybody. Contrary to most behavior based reports, TTI includes 384 possible variations of DISC profiles.

5) Continuous Development
Just because many of the building blocks of the five sciences have been around for a while, that doesn’t mean there’s not a need to press the envelope of innovation and discovery. TTI’s dedication to ongoing R&D definitely sets them above the rest in my books, and I constantly find myself anticipating the next big reveal for what their genius minds have been cooking up.

6) Cultural Norming
One of my favorite features on the assessment report is seeing how my score ranks against the national mean and standard deviation. But different countries and different cultures have varying biases in behavior tendencies, and Driving Forces. TTI has done extensive studies within different culture groups to ensure accurate cultural norming in different nations throughout the world. It’s also fun how The online survey will automatically recognize the country you are taking the assessment from based on your IP address! Just be careful if you plan on taking any assessment while you are on an international vacation.

7) Solution Oriented
Insight can be a powerful thing on its own. But TTI never just leaves an assessment report in the realm of observation – they continually push that awareness and understanding into the realm of application and tangible impact.

8) Proof is in the Pudding
Ultimately, the difference is palpable when you experience the comprehensive nature of the assessments for yourself. That’s how I was first convinced. I am, by disposition, rather skeptical, and not very easily swayed to champion a new cause. The very thing that convinced me TTI is the premier assessment provider was to simply take the assessment myself. Now, I couldn’t imagine using something else.

If you are interested in learning more about the assessments that TTI offers, or even just learning more about yourself, email me now! I would love to have a conversation with you, and help you be just as convinced as I am.