The Right Path

Several years ago I landed a dream job.

This was before jobQ, before I knew about TTI and genius assessments, and before I ventured into the realm of professional coaching. I still remember the feeling of excitement as I drove home after being offered the position. I was elated, with accents of too-good-to-be-true in there as well; this job seemed to check all the right boxes for me.

I was to consult across various levels of the industry, deliver high quality content and change peoples lives. I was to be a public speaker, and a trusted advisor. I was a part of a dynamically growing business which had an ambitious vision of making the world a better place. And to add icing to the cake, the pay was great too!

I began this career path with grand expectations. As the weeks went on, I flew out to location after location across western Canada. The adventure and pace of it all was thrilling. I began to know the role more, and I became good friends with my colleagues. But after about a month, things changed.

Six weeks into this dream job, and I started to get sick very frequently. I could never seem to get enough sleep, I was tired throughout the day, and I would develop a new cold every week. One of my colleagues was in his 50’s, and he could not understand why I was always so sick and tired. The dream was steadily transforming into something I wanted to wake up from.

After 3 months I was faced with an ultimatum, and in a series of very emotionally charged conversations, I made the decision to walk away from this career path. It was an immensely difficult decision to make, since I could still see how amazing the job looked on paper. It still ticked all the boxes – so what went wrong?

One of the dimensions of Behavioral Style is Influence (I). The “I” dimension is all about how you influence other people to your point of view. Someone with a high “I” level tends to influence through charisma and emotion, whereas someone with a low “I” tends to influence through logic and reason.

What I didn’t know at the time, was how significant a gap there was between my natural “I” level in my Behavior Style, and the “I” level that the job required. At the time I had an “I” level of 15, and the job required me to engage with an “I” level well above 75 – that’s a gap of 60 points! If my current self were coaching my former self in this situation, it would have been very easy to see that this one gap was causing all the stress, weariness, and poor health.

There were many compelling reasons for me to stay and tough it out along that career path. But I’m glad I didn’t choose to settle for what I believed to be substandard. Now, I couldn’t feel more comfortable in my own skin as I build up my own business. All the boxes that were checked before are still checked now, only I have found a path which suits my Style, and has created a monumental amount of peace and fulfillment in my life.

It’s possible to discover these things about yourself through a lifetime of learning, and trial and error. But it’s also possible to discover your ideal career fit through the programs at jobQ. The insights gained through the jobQ Career Blueprint will benefit you continually for decades, and can lead you into a career fit that blossoms with peace and fulfillment.

We are here to empower you in the best way: to avoid the grief and stress, and start down the right path.

Have you ever experienced a mis-match between your style, and a specific job? Tell us about it in the comments below.